Guide: Water Damage Removal Tips

Water removal is the process by which water is removed from a property that has experienced water damage.  This requires the property is aerated and ventilated, and de-humidifiers and heavy duty fans are utilized.  In some severe cases, generally due to flooding, in which water has entered an impermeable area through a doorway or other such opening – industrial pumps must be used to actively remove the water before drying can take place.

Waiting to begin the water removal process allows the water to permeate further into the property – wreaking havoc on its structural integrity.  The presence of water can deteriorate permeable materials such as wood, and is very difficult to remove from other materials such as insulation.

If this occurs, water removal becomes an even more arduous task.  Structural materials like insulation may need complete replacing, and mold and bacteria become an issue.  Mold growth may result in severe allergic reactions, including skin and eye irritation, where-as bacteria can result in such severe problems as infectious disease.

Standing water can also attract disease carrying insects, and may itself stem from a dangerous source – such as sewage.  If your property has water damage, it is important not to handle the water yourself – and to bring in a professional for the water removal and water damage restoration process.

It’s important to act quickly! Contact one of our friendly experts in order to be contacted by a water damage restoration technician who can help you fix this problem

Call our emergency helpline 24/7 at 850-465-7013 for immediate assistance.

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